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ThinCharge 7/7+ Case

How To Put On Your ThinCharge Case:

  1. Pull back the flexible top portion of the case. 
  2. Slide your iPhone straight in (not at an angle) until the tip has entered the charging port.
  3. Snap the top part of the case over the top part of the phone. 

***Warning: The charging tip is fragile. If your force in your iPhone with too much or at an angle, the tip could break off into your phone or bend. 


How To Take off Your ThinCharge Case:

  1. Bend back the top portion of the case so that it comes off the top of your iPhone.
  2. Grasp the top portion of your iPhone and pull it straight out (again, avoid pulling at an angle).

***Warning: The charging tip is fragile. If your force out your iPhone with too much or at an angle, the tip could break off into your phone or bend. 


How To Check Your ThinCharge Case Battery Life:

  1. Press the power button once on the bottom of the case to turn on the 4 LED lights.
  2. Each LED light represents 25% battery life of the case.
    • 0 lights on: 0% dead battery
    • 1 light on: 1-25% battery life
    • 2 lights on: 25-49% battery life
    • 3 lights on: 50-74% battery life
    • 4 lights on: 75-100% battery life

***Note that a fully-charged ThinCharge 7 case should be capable of delivering between 80% to a full charge to your iPhone 7 or 7+. This is dependent on how much the phone is being used while charging.


How To Turn Charging Mode On/Off: 

  1. Once you have ThinCharge on your phone, hold the power button on the bottom of the case down for 
    2 seconds to begin charging.
  2. To stop charging, once again hold the power button down for 2 seconds.

***Make sure your hold the button for at least two seconds. If your case isn't charging, you might have just tapped the button once and checked the battery life instead of activating the charging feature.


What Is Pass-Through Charging and How Does It Work?

  • Pass-Through Charging allows you to charge your iPhone without taking your ThinCharge Case off.
  • Simply plug your charging cable into the bottom port of the case to begin charging. 

***The case will be charged first. Once the case is fully charged, it will begin charging your iPhone.

Your ThinCharge case should take between 1-2.5 hours to fully charge from 0-100%.


Does the Lightning Port Support Data Transfer?

Yes. If you connect your iPhone, while using your ThinCharge case, to a PC or Laptop you can transfer data between your devices. 

Does the Lightning Port Support Apple Lightning Headphones?

No. The lightning port at the bottom of the ThinCharge will not allow sound to transfer using Apple Lightning Headphones or the AUX cord to Apple Lightning adapter.

The only headphones supported by the ThinCharge case are BlueTooth headphones.

My ThinCharge Case is Broken/Doesn't Work. What Do I Do?

If you've gone through the entire article and still can't find a solution to your problem, you can utilize your 
1-Year Warranty to get a replacement ThinCharge battery case. 

Additional Help:
Here is a helpful video explaining the setup, care, and handling you should use with your new ThinCharge case.

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