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Do I need a secure charging station with locking doors?

Depending on your needs and clientele, you may be interested in our CK5 Locking Charging Kiosk or perhaps our most popular Floor Stand Charging Station – S9 orWall Mount Charging Station – WM9will do the job. More often than not, a simple non-kiosk charging station is the perfect solution!

The advantages of a non-kiosk charging station are: less maintenance, easy access, and better overall customer experience. While on the other hand, a secure locking charging solution may have less favorable advantages. First, the price per unit is much higher thus this may interfere with your ability to place multiple charging stations in your venue if you have budget constraints. Second, most people will keep their phone locked in the kiosk until it charges to 100% (especially if they paid money to charge) meaning other people are not able to charge their phone when they need to most. Third, there may be logistical issues with people forgetting their passwords, leaving their phone behind, or receiving the wrong phone. This means more maintenance is required to manage each charging station. These issues can be mitigated when the individual is personally responsible for keeping an eye on their phone.

We recommend reviewing your options carefully before making a purchase. And should you need any assistance in choosing the right solution for your home or business, please feel free to book a call with us or reach out to

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