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Power Strip Charging Station - CS6

Power Strip Charging Station – User Manual


Input: 110 – ­240V ~ 10A 50/60 Hz
Output (Retractable Cables): 5.0V at 900 mA max.
Output (USB ports): 5.0V at 900 mA
Output (International Outlets): 110V­-240V ~ 10A 50/60 Hz max.
Output (Rear Socket): 110 – ­240V ~ 6A 50/60 Hz max
Max Power: 2000W with input 240V – 1000W with input 100V

Package Contents

1 x Power Strip Charging Station (CS6)
6 x Charging Tips
1 x AC Adaptor

Power Input & Output

The total power requirement of the devices connected to the charging station must be less than the maximum power output of the charging station. If the charging station is supplied with 110V input, the maximum power it can provide is 1,000W. If the charging station is supplied with 230V input, the maximum power it can provide is 2,000W. Never exceed these limits.

IMPORTANT! Read carefully prior to use!

  • Keep the charging station away from dust, dirt, rain, moisture, heat, direct sunlight and vibrations.
  • The charging station is designed for indoor use. Do not use it outdoors.
  • Place the charging station on a flat surface, not soft, heat resistant, non­flammable and non-conducting.
  • Keep the charging station away from any flammable or volatile substances.
  • Make sure you thoroughly understand the information in this manual prior to use.

Turning on the Device

Plug in the included power cord to the back of the Power Strip Charging Station and connect it to a wall outlet. You will notice a LED light turn on in the front of the charging station once it receives power. You are now ready to begin using the Power Strip Charging Station.

Using the Retractable Cables

All of the charging cables included with the Power Strip Charging Station are retractable. To extend the retractable cables, gently pull on each of them until they reach the desired length. There are four (4) stops built into the retractable cables which will keep the cable at a specific length. To shorten the retractable cables, simply pull it out to its full length, pull once more, and the cable will rewind back into the charging station.

Installing and Replacing the Charging Cables

The Power Strip Charging Station can be customized by changing out the retractable cables inside its housing. To replace the charging cables or install new ones, follow the directions below:

Remove Cable - CS6 User Manual

Install Cable - CS6 User Manual

  1. Remove the cover & place the Charging Cables inside.
  2. Close the top cover and snap it into place.

Watch the video tutorial here:

Using the International Power Outlets

The built-in international outlets were designed to support power plugs from almost every country in the world (Italian, European, American, Japanese, German, English, etc.). Simply insert your power plug into the international outlet in the way it fits.

The output of the built-in international outlets is determined by the charging station’s available power input. If the input voltage is 230V, the charging station can power devices requiring up to 230V. If the input voltage is 110V, the charging station can only power devices requiring up to 110V.

Warranty Information

All ChargeTech products have been tested in extreme situations to provide continuous, valuable service. However, in the rare instance that your ChargeTech device is not functioning properly due to a possible manufacturer-defect issue, ChargeTech offers standard One (1) Year Limited Warranty for all products*, except gift orders, to cover all manufacturer defects for a standard one (1) year after product delivery date. Our One (1) Year Limited Warranty is only valid when the defective item is accompanied by a proof of purchase from ChargeTech or an Authorized ChargeTech Dealer.

Warranty Terms

ChargeTech’s warranty does not cover product failure, any defect or malfunction that is caused as a result of overuse, misuse or failure to follow operating instructions, tampering, abuse, normal wear and tear, or use with improper or faulty equipment. It also does not cover incidental damages. ChargeTech has sole discretion over deciding if a product will be repaired or replaced. ChargeTech does not offer advance replacements. If a replacement product is required immediately, then the customer will need to place a new order for the item. If a product is confirmed to be used or abused upon return and review/testing, the customer may be subject to labor and parts fee along with return shipment costs for replacements. Customized charging units considered to be factory defective will be repaired/replaced and custom artwork re-applied if damaged unit is returned within 6 months of purchase.

One (1) Year Limited Warranty Claims Process

To place a claim, proof of purchase from ChargeTech or an Authorized ChargeTech Dealer is required. After we have determined your item is still covered by our One (1) Year Limited Warranty, you may be required to send the purchased item to us. Upon receipt of the item, a decision will be made to repair or replace the item. ChargeTech will test the product according to the description of the request/problem listed in the Warranty Claims & Return form. If the confirmed issue is the same as the problem listed in the form, the product will be repaired. If the item is not repairable, it will be replaced with the same item. In the event that the item is no longer available, ChargeTech will replace it with an alternative item comparable in specs to the original item ordered. If the description of the problem is different from the problem listed on the form, or damaged from delivery, we will contact the customer. If the product has no identifiable problem, we reserve the right to charge for return delivery.

If you have reason to believe your item is factory-defective, you may return your item by following the Return Instructions:
Note that ChargeTech is not responsible for shipping costs associated with warranty returns.

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