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CT-300024 - Power Floor Stand Charging Station - S9

Power Floor Stand – User Manual

Setting Up the Floor Stand

S9 Set up Stand

1. Secure the pole (A) to the base plate with the 3 included hexagonal screws.
2. Pull the extension cord through pole (A).
3. Pull the extension cord through pole (B).
4. Connect pole (A) and pole (B) together by turning pole (B) clockwise until it screws into place.

S9 Power Cable

5. Connect the AC adaptor to the top of the extension cord and store it inside pole (B).
6. Connect the Power Cord to the bottom of the extension cord and plug it into the wall socket.

S9 Pull Through

7. Pull the barrel connector through the hole on the side of the top of pole (B).
8. Attach the plastic cover the top opening of pole (B).

S9 Attach to Stand

9. Secure the back mount with the included shims, nuts, and 2 screws.

WM9 S9 Mount Attachment

10. Hang the charging station on the back mount.
11. Secure the charging station to the back mount by fastening the two included screws at the bottom.

WM9 S9 Changeable Advertising

12. Connect the eight (8) charging cables to the USB ports.
13. Reinstall the front panel and begin using.

Watch the video tutorial here:


Model: Power Floor Stand Charging Station
Input Voltage: 100~240V AC / 50~60 Hz
Output Voltage (AC Adapter): 18V
Output Voltage (Charging Adapters): 5V
Output Current: 8 x 1.5A
Number of Charging Ports: 8
Weight Without AC Adapter: 3.4lb ~ 1500g
Height: 12.75in ~ 323mm
Length & Width: 125.9mm x 480mm
Housing Material: Plastic

Package Contents

1x 100 ~ 240V / 50~60 Hz AC Adapter
1x Power Cord
1x Power Floor Stand Charging Station
8x Charging Cables

Notes On Use

  • To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not expose the device to rain or moisture.
  • To avoid electrical shock, please do not disassemble the charging station.
  • If you are experiencing any trouble with the charging station, immediately unplug it from the wall socket.

Description and Function

The Power Floor Stand Charging Station is designed to charge up to eight (8) mobile devices with its included charging cables. The charging station is made for indoor use only and should not be placed outside.

*Internal cooling fans are heat activated when the temperature reaches greater than 45° Celsius

Intended Use

Use this device in dry interior rooms only. Failure to adhere to these instructions and notes on safety may cause fatal accidents, injuries and damages to persons and property.

Notes On Safety

ATTENTION! Only skilled electricians may assemble and disassemble the housing of the product. There is a risk of electrical shock and short circuit!

  • This product is not a toy and should not be used by children. It contains small parts which can be swallowed and may cause injury when used improperly.
  • Install the charging station in a way that people will not be injured or objects damaged.
  • Dispose of all packaging and insulating materials safely to minimize the risk of children being harmed.
  • Do not install the charging station in places with high temperatures, high humidity, or any place where it may come into contact with water.
  • Do not install the charging station close to the vents of air conditioners, or places with an excessive amount of dust, smoke, or vibrations.
  • To avoid having the charging station fall over, place it only on flat horizontal surfaces.
  • Do not alter the charging station or any of its accessories. Please carefully read the
  • Warranty and Liability section of this manual.
  • Do not use the charging station if any of its parts are damaged or missing.
  • Plug and unplug all cables and adaptors slowly and carefully.
  • Ensure suitable packaging is used when the charging station is transported. We suggest keeping the original packaging if you intend to transport the charging station frequently.

Please read and adhere to all instructions detailed in the Specifications and Intended Use sections of this manual.

Care, Maintenance, Storage, and Transport

ATTENTION: There is a risk of electrical shock and short circuit during transport.

  • The device is maintenance free. Use of this charging station is at the user’s own risk.
  • Always disconnect the AC Adapter from the wall outlet prior to moving the charging station.
  • Do not clean the charging station while the AC Adapter is connected to a wall socket.
  • Do not use cleaning supplies on the charging station and ensure the device is completely dry before using it again.
  • Do not place the charging station or leave the power cord in a way that would create a tripping hazard.


The Device Does Not Charge

  • When the device is charged completely, no charging screen will be shown.
  • Check to ensure all connections have a tight fitting.
  • Use only the fitting Charging Adapter Plugs.

Failure of the Female USB function

  • Make sure you are using a fitting and compatible USB charging cable.

Warranty and Liability

  • ChargeTech provides a 12-month warranty on this charging station, starting from the date of purchase.
  • This warranty applies only to the charging station and does not cover damage caused by improper installation or vandalism.
  • ChargeTech is not liable for any damages to persons or property caused by improper installation or operations. This includes, amongst others, any alteration and modification of the product or its accessories.
  • Any use other than described in this manual will void your warranty.

Notes on Waste Disposal

In accordance with the European WEEE directive, electrical and electronic equipment must not be disposed of with other consumer waste. At the end of the device’s lifetime, the consumer is committed by law to deposit electrical and electronic devices at public collection points. Particular guidelines for disposal are regulated by your country.

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