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CT-600024 - 27k Portable Power Outlet (PPO)

Portable Power Outlet – User Manual


DC Power Specifications

DC input voltage: 19.5V – 24Vdc
Battery drain with no load: < 3mA
Efficiency (Maximum): 85%
Low battery MCU shutdown point: 12.5V
Low Battery PCM shutdown point: 12V
High battery MCU shutdown point: 17V
High battery PCM shutdown point: 17.4V
Temperature shutdown point: 65°C

AC Power Output

AC output voltage (nominal): 120V AC
Continuous AC output Power: 85W
Peak AC output power: 85W
Maximum AC output surge power: 175W
AC output frequency: 60Hz
Battery Capacity: 27,000mAh

USB Power Output

DC output voltage: 5VDC
DC output Current(max.): 2.4 Amps

Device Features

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Using the Portable Power Outlet

The Portable Power Outlet is capable of powering most 120V AC products that use 85W or less. The Portable Power Outlet can also power or charge most consumer electronic that have USB power ports, for devices less than 85W. The Portable Power Outlet has an AC output waveform called “modified sine wave,” is designed to function similarly to the sine wave shape of utility power.

Operating the Portable Power Outlet

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Turn the AC power switch in the ON position and press the power indicator button. The AC Outlet will automatically output voltage while the device is inserted. 

The USB output will automatically power off after approximately 90 seconds if no device is detected. To maximize the amount of power delivered to the USB ports, turn the AC power switch to the OFF position.

Holding down the power indicator button for 3 seconds will power off the Portable Power Outlet.

Portable Power Outlet AC/DC output or it will automatically power off if no device is detected after 90 seconds.

Safety Features

These advanced safety features are built into the Portable Power Outlet.

  • Electric overload protection with automatic shutdown
  • Low battery voltage shutdown
  • High/Low input voltage protection with automatic shutdown
  • Overheat protection with automatic shutdown
  • Output short circuit protection
  • Standby timer off
  • Overcharge protection with maximum voltage limited
  • Charging timer/temperature protection

Battery Operating Time

Operating time will vary depending on the charge level of the battery, its capacity and the power level drawn by the particular device being charged. At a 65W load, an operating time of 1 to 1.5 hours or more can be expected.

Operating Guidelines

  • As the battery is used, its voltage begins to fall. When the Portable Power Outlet senses that the battery voltage has dropped below 10.5V, the Portable Power Outlet Output will automatically switch-off and the red light will turn off. This prevents the battery from being damaged. It will also turn off any devices that the Portable Power Outlet is powering.
  • If an AC product rated higher than 85W is plugged into the Portable Power Outlet , the Portable Power Outlet will shut down. The red light will turn off.
  • If the Portable Power Outlet exceeds a safe operating temperature, due to insufficient ventilation or a high-temperature environment, it will automatically shutdown. The red light will turn off.

Warnings & Cautions

Misusing or incorrectly connecting the Portable Power Outlet may damage the equipment or create hazardous conditions for users. Read the following safety instructions and pay special attention to all Caution and Warning statements in the guide.

  • Keep children away from the Portable Power Outlet. It will generate the same potentially lethal AC power as a normal household wall outlet. Treat the outlet with respect!
  • The AC Power Bank housing may become uncomfortably warm, reaching 140F (60C) under extended high power operation. During operation, keep it away from materials that may be affected by high temperatures.
  • Do not use the AC Power Bank in the presence of flammable fumes or gases, such as in the bilge of a gasoline powered boat, or near propane tanks.
  • Electronic overload protection with automatic shutdown.
  • Low battery voltage shutdown
  • High/Low input voltage protection with automatic shutdown.
  • Overheat protection with automatic shutdown.
  • Output short circuit protection.

Additional Safety Guidelines

  • Do not insert foreign objects in the Portable Power Outlet’s AC outlet or other openings.
  • Never connect the Portable Power Outlet to power utility AC distribution wiring.
  • Do not use the Portable Power Outlet in temperatures over 100°F (40°C).
  • Do not expose the Portable Power Outlet to water, rain, snow, or spray.

Failure to follow these safety guidelines may cause personal injury and/or damage to the Portable Power Outlet. It may also void your product warranty.

Interference with Electrical Equipment

Generally, most AC products operate with the Portable Power Outlet just as they would with household AC power.

The following is information concerning two possible exceptions:

Buzzing Sound in Audio Systems and Radios

Some inexpensive stereo systems and AM-FM radios have inadequate internal power supply filtering and “buzz” slightly when powered by the Portable Power Outlet. Generally, the only solution is an audio product with a higher quality filter.

Television Interference

The Portable Power Outlet is shielded to minimize its interference with TV signals . However, the weak TV signals interference may be visible in the form of lines scrolling across the screen. The following should minimize or eliminate the problem:

  • Increase the distance between Portable Power Outlet and the TV , antenna and cables
  • Adjust the orientation of the Portable Power Outlet, television, an antenna and cables.
  • Maximize TV signal strength by using a better antenna and use shielded antenna cable where possible.


Portable Power Outlet will not operate, no lights are on

Possible Cause 1:
Battery is defective. Overload protection

Possible Remedies:
Replace If required.
Recharge the Portable Power Outlet.
Use a product with a power rating less than the Portable Power Outlet continuous power rating.

Possible Cause 2:
The Portable Power Outlet has overheated due to poor ventilation and has shut down.

Possible Remedy:
Reduce load if continuous operation is required.

Possible Cause 3:
Battery voltage is too low

Possible Remedy:
Recharge battery

Possible Cause 4:
With Motor products being used

Possible Remedy:
Motor products with high surge voltage And need sine wave output. It is strongly recommended that you do not use the Portable Power Outlet with these devices.

Possible Cause 5:
High starting surge has caused overload shutdown.

Possible Remedy:
Battery low power or Product exceeds Portable Power Outlet starting surge capability.

Measured AC Power Outlet Output Is Too Low

Possible Cause:
Standard “average reading “ AC voltmeter used to measure output voltage, resulting in an apparent reading 5 to 15V too low.

Possible Remedy:
Portable Power Outlet is “modified sine wave” and output requires “true RMS” voltmeter for accurate measurements.

Warranty Information

All ChargeTech products have been tested in extreme situations to provide continuous, valuable service. However, in the rare instance that your ChargeTech device is not functioning properly due to a possible manufacturer-defect issue, ChargeTech offers standard One (1) Year Limited Warranty for all products*, except gift orders, to cover all manufacturer defects for a standard one (1) year after product delivery date. Our One (1) Year Limited Warranty is only valid when the defective item is accompanied by a proof of purchase from ChargeTech or an Authorized ChargeTech Dealer.

Warranty Terms

ChargeTech’s warranty does not cover product failure, any defect or malfunction that is caused as a result of overuse, misuse or failure to follow operating instructions, tampering, abuse, normal wear and tear, or use with improper or faulty equipment. It also does not cover incidental damages. ChargeTech has sole discretion over deciding if a product will be repaired or replaced. ChargeTech does not offer advance replacements. If a replacement product is required immediately, then the customer will need to place a new order for the item. If a product is confirmed to be used or abused upon return and review/testing, the customer may be subject to labor and parts fee along with return shipment costs for replacements. Customized charging units considered to be factory defective will be repaired/replaced and custom artwork re-applied if damaged unit is returned within 6 months of purchase.

One (1) Year Limited Warranty Claims Process

To place a claim, proof of purchase from ChargeTech or an Authorized ChargeTech Dealer is required. After we have determined your item is still covered by our One (1) Year Limited Warranty, you may be required to send the purchased item to us. Upon receipt of the item, a decision will be made to repair or replace the item. ChargeTech will test the product according to the description of the request/problem listed in the Warranty Claims & Return form. If the confirmed issue is the same as the problem listed in the form, the product will be repaired. If the item is not repairable, it will be replaced with the same item. In the event that the item is no longer available, ChargeTech will replace it with an alternative item comparable in specs to the original item ordered. If the description of the problem is different from the problem listed on the form, or damaged from delivery, we will contact the customer. If the product has no identifiable problem, we reserve the right to charge for return delivery.

If you have reason to believe your item is factory-defective, you may return your item by following the Return Instructions:

Note that ChargeTech is not responsible for shipping costs associated with warranty returns.

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