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Anti-Theft Hardware Kit

If your unit is in a high-traffic area and you’re worried about theft, we recommend our state-of-the-art Anti-Theft Hardware Kit.  This kit can be placed on any ChargeTech charging station to keep your unit safe and secure.  Featuring a stainless steel insulated cable, this unit is virtually impenetrable.  This unit can be installed in second.  Just place the industrial-strength 3M adhesive on any station and fasten it securely with our snap lock technology.  Secure down the unit on any pole or built-in loop and your station will be safe and sound.  Available in key lock and combination lock models.


  • Works on any charging station or device to keep your item safe and secure.
  • Strong and durable with stainless steel insulated cable
  • Snap lock technology allows for ease of use and installation
  • Can be anchored to any surface with an included disc featuring 3M industrial double sided adhesive
  • Available in key lock and combination lock models
  • 133
  • 31-Oct-2018